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welcome on international online conferece of young researches in legal sciece


Legal science in Practice

held on 26th of November 2021


Welcome to the website dedicated to the international online conference Hopes of legal science, held on 26th of November 2021 from 08:40 CET. The event is organised by the team of academics of Faculty of Law of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Researchers are encouraged to present their works inspired by both theory and practice and therefore the conference is being considered as unique by its blend of young and eager speakers with more experienced, established ones all the way throughout the Central Europe.

Conference is held via Google Meet.

Sipka-hneda Guide to connetion - in Czech


Sipka-hneda  Programme:

8:40-09:00h Openning remarks by vice-dean for science and research of Faculty of Law of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, JUDr. Vilém Knoll Ph. D..

Meet:  https://meet.google.com/baq-rcpa-awy


9:00-14:00h Proceedings in sessions:


Sipka-hneda  Instructions for authors


Conference team:

JUDr. Vilém Knoll, Ph.D.

JUDr. Jindřich Psutka, Ph.D.

JUDr. Vladislav Vnenk, Ph. D.

Mgr. Jakub Hablovič

Mgr. Karolína Hanzlová

Mgr. Bc. Kateřina Heřmanová

Mgr. Bc. Denisa Kotroušová

Mgr. Vojtěch Vrba

For more info please contac:

Mgr. Jakub Hablovič: hablovic@kpo.zcu.cz


The event is organized under the grant project ZČU SVK1-2021-021 „Naděje právní vědy – Právní věda v praxi 2021“.

Sipka-hneda  Pozvánka na konferenci